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Data Files for PC

Below please find the PC data files available for download listed by software title.

Note: Unless denoted with the words ZIP file, the links below point to EXE files. The exe files are not programs that will install anything on your computer. Instead, they are simply self-extracting zipped files created with WinZip. Nevertheless, your corporate Firewall may block the exe files or see them as malicious. As an alternative to the exe files, use the links below that say ZIP file. If you are having any troubles with these files, call us at 410.956.4949, ext 711 and we'll walk you through the download process.

Adobe Captivate Data Files

Data Files for IconLogic Adobe Captivate Books

ATD Certificate Program Data Files

Adobe Presenter Data Files

Adobe RoboHelp Data Files

Articulate Storyline Data Files

Techsmith Camtasia Data Files

Technical Communication Suite Data Files

Microsoft Word Data Files

From the Captivate Advanced two-day online class: "This class was worth every penny...I will use all of it, and having the "Skills & Drills" manual as well will make reproducing what I learned on my own a lot easier."
Diane Vornoli