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Data Files for PC/Windows Users

Below are links to data files available for download listed by software title. The specific data files you need are described in the About This Book section of your book.

Note: If you have older versions of our books, the instructions in the About This Book section refer to downloading and running an EXE file. More and more, EXE files are blocked by corporate Firewalls. As of February 2021, we have begun phasing out EXE files in favor of ZIPS. Whenever possible, the links below now point to ZIP versions of our data assets. Over time, all EXE files mentioned in our books will be replaced with ZIP versions.

Adobe Captivate Data Files

Captivate 12 (Also known simply as Adobe Captivate or Adobe Captivate 2023)

Captivate Classic (Also known as Adobe Captivate 11 or Adobe Captivate 2019)

Captivate 2019 Fourth Edition

Captivate 2019 Third Edition

Captivate 2019 Second Edition

Captivate 2019

Captivate Data Files for Older Versions of Our Books


ATD Certificate Program Data Files

Articulate Rise Data Files

Articulate Storyline Data Files

There are multiple versions of Storyline available and we're constantly updating our books to keep up with Articulate. Refer to the "About This Book" section of your book to ensure you download the data files appropriate for your book and software version.

The Essentials: Data Files for our Articulate Storyline versions 3 and/or 360 Books

Beyond the Essentials: Data Files for our Articulate Storyline versions 3 or 360 Books

Legacy Storyline Book Assets

Technical Communication Suite Data Files