Feedback About Our Courses from Actual Students

"Over the years, we've had thousands and thousands of people attend our classes both live, online and onsite. Here is a small sampling of comments we've received. You can see more comments on pages throughout our website."

"Thanks to [Jennie Ruby], the project made it to my client's offices in Japan, New Jersey, and Michigan, everyone could access it, and everyone loved it!  The exact words from the management team in Japan were "it is just how we imagined it." Believe me, that is high praise."

"It is hard to believe that in January, I was faced with an unhappy client who wanted one specific course and was unable to get what it wanted from an e-learning training vendor.  Every company I contacted on their behalf required a three-year contract at a very high annual cost for several courses per year that my client simply did not want.  In addition, there would be extra charges for the numerous edits I would have to make to the existing course that most closely (but not really close at all) resembled what we needed. Now, less than two months later, I was able to send them a "home made" course that matches their needs precisely.  There is no way I could have done this without IconLogic's Presenter training and your excellent instruction, or without your follow-up one-on-one consulting. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and your incredible patience, and look forward to working with you as we move forward to upload the document to the LMS."

Susan Kennedy

"Not only is Kevin knowledgeable, but he makes the learning easy and enjoyable.  He has a great sense of humor and his energy level was just as high at the end of the session as it was at the beginning.  (Where does he get that energy?)  I would highly recommend this class, or quite frankly, anything Kevin does.  I'll definitely be a repeat customer!"

Sue Weller, Associate Director, Curriculum Management, Quintiles Transnational

"As a certified Adobe trainer we do a lot of Captivate training, IconLogic’s Captivate workbooks are great tools for our students, both during class, and more importantly, as a just-in-time refresher to minimize the forgetting curve after class"

Patrick Smith, President, Envolvemedia

"IconLogic not only provided great training, but the resources to support implementation of what we learned in class.  Also, the company provided superior attention to customer needs before the training and wonderful follow-up information through a weekly newsletter.  I highly recommend this company."

Eunice Selewski, Florida Department of Education, Office of Student Financial Assistance

"The RoboHelp course taught by the masterful Kevin Siegel was absolutely fantastic.  As a completely new user to RoboHelp, I came into the class with zero knowledge.  Upon completion of the course, I had a near perfect understanding of how to build help systems and make them enjoyable for the end user.  I now am responsible for managing 5 separate RoboHelp help systems that support our Group Benefit Claims areas.  Thank you Kevin, and thank you IconLogic!!  I couldn’t have done it without you!!"

David, Sr. Business Analyst, Hartford Insurance

"I look forward to the IconLogic newsletter every single week. There is always a helpful hint about Adobe Captivate that ends up saving me time and money. Even my developers were shocked this past week to learn that Captivate 6.0 files could be published as PDFs and still retain the functionality. The online Advanced Skills workshop I took in 2012 was one of the best Adobe Captivate trainings I have found.  Thanks for enhancing my Captivate experience every week!"

Jen Doles, Corporate Communications and Training Specialist

"The hands-on segments of the PowerPoint class were extremely helpful. It kept my attention and let me see if I could apply what was previously demonstrated."

Susan L., The Baltimore Life

"I've taken many online classes in my career. Most were boring and not much help. I can say that about a lot of the live classes also. I can honestly say this RoboHelp class was one of the best classes live or on the web that I have ever taken. I learned a lot, I enjoyed the instructor and the training manual that came with the class will surely be a great resource."

Sharon Lewis, Sr. Technical Writer

"I am so excited right now about the possibilities I can't see straight!  :-) Everything was helpful!!  Many things I was already familiar with, but had not been using the Topics List pod.  What a difference to be able to apply things to more than one topic at a time easily. Great extra tips on everything! I truly enjoyed my RoboHelp training this summer.  I found your trainers to be top notch, and I really liked the online training format.  I also really like the course materials provided and still use them for reference. I really like the Weekly Skills & Drills Newsletter too!"

Cathy Mackie, Documentation and Report Specialist

"Thank you for the great Adobe RoboHelp training class last week. I learned more than I expected to. You have a unique knack for keeping everyone engaged and entertained while teaching content and technique. I thoroughly enjoyed the class!"

Tricia Schafer-Petrecz, Senior Technical Writer, FIS

"The Captivate class was excellent.  The best part was that while Kevin instructed, you actually performed the steps on your own computer so that you could get hands on experience.  By the end of the day, we learned how to build a softskills course and how to create a course using software simulation.  Kevin was funny and kept everyone focused throughout.  It is worth the money AND time!  You will come out of the class with enough knowledge to build a course from scratch!  Excellent use of my day!"

Michelle, Director of Human Resources and Training, MaxHome

"Kevin inspired a fun, congenial environment for learning Captivate. I actually felt like the participants got to know each other in much the same way that they would in an actual classroom environment!"

Nora, Health Information Writer, Healthy Roads, Inc.

"Everything was great. The pace and the way the trainer taught everything made it easy to pay attention and also learn. The presenter is very personal and funny. He made the Captivate learning experience very beneficial and realistic."

Sara, Training Specialist, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

"An instructional designer at my company recommended IconLogic as the "only" way to learn Captivate. I'm always frustrated to see all "5" scores on my evals as the learners usually don't give it a second thought, but in this case, I deliberately selected 5's all the way. Online classes can be very dry.  Kevin’s teaching style was very interactive, very positive, and educational.  Thank you!"

Julia, Training/eLearning Specialist, Healthcare Company

"I wasn’t sure about the effectiveness of synchronous web-based training for Adobe Captivate.  Boy was I wrong.  This was very engaging and effective."

Jeff, eLearning Designer/Developer, Cambridge Health Alliance

"I am a regular reader of Skills and Drills and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the “Troubleshooting Cranky Software” section that gave some pointers for troubleshooting Captivate.  I am not a Captivate user, but I do use RoboHelp, Acrobat, and (recently) Framemaker, and I am often frustrated by Adobe’s periodic “crankiness.”  I was thrilled to see some basic troubleshooting points for at least one of its products. Thank you again. I’ve always gotten a lot of use out of “Skills and Drills,” and this gives me one more reason to keep reading!"

Leigh, Technical Writer