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Adobe Captivate Variables and Actions 101 On Demand (Class Recording)

Adobe Captivate Variables and Actions 101 On Demand (Class Recording)


Introduction to Captivate Advanced Actions: System Variables and Actions (Class Recording)

View our popular Adobe Captivate Variables and Actions 101 class on demand on your own time and at your own pace.

Many of today’s eLearning courses have two things in common: they’re boring and they don’t engage the learner. Attend this session and you’ll learn how using Captivate to create advanced actions can both personalize a lesson and engage the learner like never before.

During this course, you’ll learn about the system variables available in Adobe Captivate. You’ll learn how to leverage system variables to include in your eLearning course. 

Additionally, you’ll learn about how basic and standard actions are fast, easy ways to make your eLearning courses more engaging and interactive. This will set you well on your way to learning programming with Captivate, allowing you to create your own learning interactions and interactive slides.

Note: This class is very interactive; exercise files will be provided for Captivate 9 or newer. If you are using previous versions of Captivate you can attend the class, but exercise files will not be provided. A trial version of Captivate is fine and can be downloaded from www.adobe.com


Adobe Captivate: The Essentials or similar experience mandatory.

Who Should Attend?

  • eLearning developers
  • Instructional designers
  • Content creators

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Topics covered will include some of the following:

  • System Variables

    System variables are predefined variables that come with Captivate when you buy the license. System variables help you pick up data to help you control what is visible to the user; to display information in other files such as the current slide; to manipulate information from the learner’s computer; and to display quiz information.
  • Actions Triggered by Events

    Many events in Captivate can trigger the action you choose. There are numerous types of actions that can be triggered when, you, the developer, decide.

  • Basic Actions

    A basic action is a single action that can be triggered when you, the developer, decide.

  • Standard Actions

    Standard actions are scripts containing one or more actions. They can trigger a variety of behaviors in sequence.

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This was an excellent training. The pacing was on the mark and format was perfect.
Kelly Goscinski