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IconLogic Certified Adobe Captivate DeveloperAdobe Captivate is arguably one of the most powerful eLearning development tools on the planet. All it takes to develop awesome eLearning content is Captivate and a qualified and motivated Captivate developer. But how do you know if your Captivate skills are at their peak? How can you differentiate yourself from the score of other Captivate developers who think their skills are on par, if not better, than yours?

The answer is Adobe Captivate certification. And what better certification can there be than one offered by IconLogic… the same people who quite literally wrote the book on Captivate via our popular “Adobe Captivate: The Essentials” and “Beyond the Essentials” series?

How Do I Get Certified?

The ideal path to certification starts with Beginner and Advanced Captivate training through IconLogic. After completing both classes, you will be well positioned to take on the certification exam. If you feel like you already have extensive experience with Adobe Captivate, you may choose to bypass the classes and head straight for the certification exam.

Jeannie did an awesome job! I learned a lot.
Kara Vosberg