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IconLogic Certified Adobe Captivate Developer Exam

IconLogic Certified Adobe Captivate Developer Exam


IconLogic Certified Adobe Captivate Developer Exam

Adobe Captivate logoThe exam covers all aspects of Captivate including the interface, working with masters, themes, reporting, variables, virtual reality projects, responsive projects, accessibility, advanced actions, and even importing PowerPoint presentations.

Earning the status of an IconLogic Certified Adobe Captivate Developer (ICACD) isn’t a cake-walk, even if you’ve been developing in Captivate for a while. The exam, comprising of 60 random multiple-choice and true/false questions (pulled from a large pool of questions) is quite challenging.

Prior to taking the exam, you are encouraged to attend our beginner and advanced Captivate courses or work through both of our popular Essentials and Beyond the Essentials books. However, getting trained or reading books is not a pre-requisite for taking the exam. If you feel like you’re ready for the exam, on you go.

Note: Once you begin the exam, you’ll have 60 minutes to complete it. You get one free exam retake.

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Jennie is fantastic! I'm taking both the beginner and the advanced [Adobe Captivate] class even though I used Captivate years ago and have figured out the new version enough to get by. I figured I would learn new things in the beginner class and I'm definitely not disappointed! I'll be much more efficient now after just day 1 of the beginner class.
Jennifer Hensley