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Articulate Storyline 2, 3, and 360 Beginner Training

Articulate Storyline 2, 3, and 360 Beginner Training

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Apr 14-15 2020 10am - 5pm ET

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May 4-5 2020 10am - 5pm ET

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Jun 1-2 2020 10am - 5pm ET

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Jun 15-16 2020 10am - 5pm ET

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Jun 29-30 2020 10am - 5pm ET

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Articulate Storyline Beginner Training 

Articulate Storyline is an eLearning authoring tool that’s simple enough for beginners, but powerful enough for experts. Storyline allows you to create interactive, professional-looking eLearning courses that can be published to web servers, video servers, and/or SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems.

This hands-on, instructor-led, and project-based Storyline workshop focuses on teaching course attendees how to create eLearning without the need for complicated programming or expensive hardware.

The audience for this course is beginner to intermediate Storyline users who need to understand the basics of the software or existing users that need to improve their skills or gain better understanding of the tools.

Note: While not a requirement, some students find it helpful to attend this class using two computer monitors. This will allow for one screen to always display the instructor's screen, and the other for you to use as you follow along with the instructor.

Where is this class held? 

This is a live, online class led by an experienced eLearning developer. Just like an in-person class, it is fully interactive and engaging. The difference between an online and onsite class? No travel! You can participate from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Many of our students choose to stay home from work on these training days, some never even changing out of their slippers! Where applicable, students are able to speak with and hear from the instructor and other participants throughout the course as they work in real-time to complete activities.

Need something a little more personal?

We understand your team might have specific training needs and we would love to work with you. We offer both online and on-site instructor-led, fully customizeable courses tailored to your Articulate Storyline training needs. 

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Storyline Interface
  • Work with Scenes and Slides
  • Import PowerPoint slides into a project
  • Create Branching Scenarios
  • Work with the Timeline
  • Use interactive Objects
  • Work with Triggers and Conditions
  • Add Variables
  • Create Layers
  • Record, Import, and Edit Voiceover Audio
  • Create Quizzes
  • Publish for the widest possible audience 

Get to Know Storyline

During this module you’ll begin to learn the Storyline interface and views. You’ll open an existing project and explore the Storyline interface.

  • The Articulate Storyline User Interface
  • Feature set review
  • Planning your Storyline Project
  • The Story View
  • Triggers Panel
  • Slide Properties Panel
  • Layers Panel
  • Timeline Panel
  • States Panel
  • Scenes Panel 

Creating New Projects

You’ll begin the process of creating an eLearning project. You’ll create a project from scratch, add scenes and slides, apply masters, and import content from Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Set up Scenes
  • Apply a theme
  • Modify Master Slides
  • Update Color Schemes
  • Modify Font Families
  • Arranging Slides 

Adding Content

You’ll add common slide elements such as text, images, characters, and captions. You’ll also learn how to create and format shapes and work with a bulleted list.

  • Create slides
  • Work with Slide Properties
  • Import PowerPoint File
  • Add Text
  • Add Shapes
  • Add Animations
  • Synch objects on the timeline
  • Add Buttons
  • Add Button Sets
  • Add Web objects 


You’ll learn how to engage your learner by not only adding buttons, but also controlling appearances. You’ll learn about the power of layers and give learners a place to use entry fields.  You’ll use Triggers to slide objects. You’ll also work with Hotspots. 

  • Create Triggers
  • Edit Triggers
  • Adding Data Entries
  • Make Triggers Conditional
  • Hide and showing Objects Conditionally
  • Add a Variable
  • Use Variables in Conditions
  • Allow Conditional Navigations 

Working with States

You’ll learn to manage object states to control appearance and base use states as conditions in triggers. 

  • Make Button States
  • Make Object States
  • Edit States
  • Use States as Conditions               

Working with Characters

Learn to use and modify photographic and illustrated characters and to use various states in scenarios.

  • Insert Characters
  • Work with Character States
  • Edit Characters
  • Modify Character States with Triggers
  • Working with Media
  • Add Video
  • Add Audio
  • Record Audio
  • Edit Audio 


Layers are the at the heart of feedback and content display. No other authoring tool comes close to Storyline when it comes to layers functionality.

  • Use Slide Layers
  • Modify Layer Properties
  • Change Layer Visibility Options
  • Affect Base Layer Navigations Control 

Questions and Quizzes

Storyline includes a wonderful array of Quiz Slides including Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, Fill-in-the-blank, Pick One or Many, and even Drag and Drop. During this module, you’ll get a chance to add a quiz and a few questions.

  • Understand Quiz and Survey Slides Workflow
  • Add Graded Question Slides
  • Add Free-Form Question Slides
  • Customize Question Slides
  • Add Results Slide 


You’ll also learn how to publish your finished eLearning project for the widest possible audience.

  • Learn the Various Publishing Options
  • Output to Web
  • Output to LMS
  • View Finished Output

Note: The lessons outlined above comprise activities typically covered in a class of this skill level. The instructor may, at the instructor's discretion, alter the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

About Your Instructor

Kal Hadi is a Certified Adobe Instructor with CompTIA CTT+ credentials. With over 20 years’ experience in the field of computer graphics, publishing, web, and eLearning development. He was recognized by Adobe as one of the top five trainers worldwide in 2009. He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology Electronic Publishing graduate program. He is also an author of many titles and papers in the field of web and publishing.

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<> The advanced action became more complex as the class progressed. It was a good learning experience to go through the progression.
Doris Lee