Adobe Captivate 12: The Essentials

A hands-on, project-based step-by-step workbook that teaches beginner-advanced Adobe Captivate 12 (Adobe Captivate 2023) skills.
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Adobe Captivate 12: The Essentials

A self-paced workbook that teaches the core Adobe Captivate 12 (also known as Adobe Captivate 2023) skills

“Adobe Captivate 12: The Essentials” is a self-paced, hands-on workbook that teaches the core Captivate 12 skills needed to create eLearning courses.

Follow step-by-step instructions and learn to create a soft-skills course from scratch and how to record software demonstrations and interactive software simulations.

Adobe Captivate 12

Learn how to add slides, text, images, and videos to a project.

Record, import, and edit audio and use text-to-speech. Enhance the learner experience by adding interactivity via click boxes, buttons, data entry boxes, and quizzes.

Learn about cool features such as never-ending slides, actions, system variables, user variables, advanced actions, states, and conditional advanced actions.

Adobe Captivate 12

Create Section 508-compliant accessible eLearning by adding closed captions, accessibility text, and more.

Publish a project as HTML5 so learners can open the output with a web browser on any device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Learn about SCORM, xAPI, and AICC. Prepare your output so that it reports quiz results to a Learning Management System.

Note: This book supports Adobe Captivate 12, software version 12.1 or newer that was released by Adobe in mid-2023. Captivate 12 is also commonly referred to as Adobe Captivate 2023. This book does not support Adobe Captivate Classic or Adobe Captivate 2019. If you are using Captivate Classic, consider our beginner or advanced books for that specific version of Captivate.

This book features:

  • Captivate projects, images, audio files, and other assets to get started
  • Dozens of step-by-step, hands-on activities
  • Confidence Checks to challenge your new skills
  • Hundreds of supporting screenshots

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