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Here are some samples of our work:

Inner Strength Training eLearning Project

Based on the book The thriving adolescent. This eLearning module was created using PowerPoint and Captivate.

Fresenius Kabi Scrapbook eLearning Project

This eLearning module was created using PowerPoint and Captivate. A scrapbook theme was created by our designer to tie into the background concepts covered in the beginning of this module. Captivate interactions are used to make large amounts of content more interactive for the viewer. 

Adobe Captivate 4

The samples below are interactive simulations designed to teach a learner how to use Adobe Captivate. They were created using Adobe Captivate.

Adobe RoboHelp HTML 8

These eLearning modules were designed to be 100% interactive simulations. They were created with Adobe Captivate and utilize Captivate's text-to-speech feature.

Adobe Technical Communication Suite

Using tools that make up the Adobe Technical Communication Suite, you can create PDFs that contain interactive eLearning. The link below will open a PDF created in Adobe FrameMaker. An Adobe Captivate software simulation was inserted within the FrameMaker document and then the document was saved as a PDF. As you scroll through the PDF, you’ll come across the Captivate eLearning lesson. Click within the lesson and you’ll launch a totally interactive software simulation.

Mission Health Systems

IconLogic was hired to develop a 60-minute eLearning course for Mission Health Care Systems that would teach medical personnel how to use a newly installed electronic medical records system. The eLearning simulations were required to be 20% interactive and 80% demonstration.

"IconLogic has been a great resource for me. I design, develop and deliver training and began with IconLogic several years ago when I started using Captivate. I went to your beginning and advanced classes, subscribe to your weekly newsletter and read your blog."
Beverly Branch