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Pricing and Discount Options

IconLogic is on the GSA schedule and is proud to offer special pricing on our classes, development services, and books to US Federal Agencies and employees. We also offer discounts on our books to resellers and bookstores. See below for more information.

GSA Schedule Pricing

We are on the GSA schedule. If you are eligible for GSA pricing, please contact us or visit the GSA Advantage catalog. Our contract number is GS-02F-0185Y.

Bookstores & Resellers

We offer a 30% discount to bookstores and resellers. Contact us to establish a reseller account.

[Adobe Captivate 8: Creating Responsive eLearning with Anita Horsley] This was an excellent class. It provided a great overview of how to use the responsive design feature. I was able to gather the right amount of valuable information to help me get started with creating responsive design eLearning projects. The instructor was also excellent! She did a great job at presenting the material, keeping the class interactive and answering questions. She also was able to give examples that reflect real world scenarios. I will definitely continue to take courses through IconLogic. Every course I have taken through this company has been a positive experience. Thank you!
Collette Pointer