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Adobe InDesign Advanced Training - Classroom Facility

Adobe InDesign Advanced Training - Classroom Facility

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What You Will Learn in This Training Course

In this Advanced Adobe InDesign Training class, students will learn advanced tips, tricks, and techniques for publishing with InDesign in a 2-day, hands-on, instructor-led course. This Advanced Adobe InDesign training course will expand on the concepts in Introduction course, and will cover best practices and additional features.

  • Learn how to insert special characters, create a heading that straddles columns, and create and format a drop cap.
  • Adjust spacing between letters, words, and lines; set tabs, and create ruling lines that are attached to paragraphs.
  • Create paragraph, character, object, table, and cell styles, and see how they all work together.
  • Gain a better understanding of how graphics from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are integrated in InDesign; learn how the links to the images are maintained, updated, and managed.
  • Learn the best practices for editing images using Photoshop and Illustrator after they have been placed in InDesign.
  • Learn how to create, convert, and place tables into InDesign, then learn how to format the table and table cells both locally and more efficiently by using table styles and cell styles.
  • Understand how transparency works inside InDesign as it is applied to text, graphics, and native Illustrator files. Learn how to control effects on various objects and text, and how to copy and delete effects.
  • Learn how to Preflight your file to ensure there are no errors, Package it so that all of the parts are delivered correctly to the printer, and the best practices for creating a PDF that is Press-Ready.

Where is this class held?

205 Van Buren Street,

Suite 140

Herndon, VA 20170

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  1. Working with Typography
    • Adjusting vertical spacing with leading & a baseline grid
    • Inserting glyphs, special characters, and fractions
    • Creating a straddle head and balancing columns
    • Creating and formatting a drop cap
    • Adjusting letter and word spacing; setting tabs
    • Adding and formatting a ruling line above a paragraph
  2. Working with Styles
    • Creating and applying paragraph and character styles
    • Nesting character styles inside paragraph styles
    • Creating and applying object styles
    • Creating and applying table and cell styles
    • Copying styles from another document
  3. Importing and Modifying Graphics
    • Understanding vector and bitmap graphics
    • Managing links to imported files
    • Updating modified graphics
    • Adjusting display quality of images
    • Working with clipping paths and alpha channels
    • Importing native Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files
    • Creating anchored graphics with text wrap
    • Creating and using a Library to manage objects
    • Using Adobe Bridge to import graphics
  4. Creating Tables
    • Converting text to a table
    • Adding and deleting rows and columns
    • Adding borders, fills, and strokes
    • Adjusting row height and column width
    • Creating and applying table and cell styles
  5. Working with Transparency
    • Colorizing a grayscale image
    • Applying transparency settings and effects to graphics
    • Adjusting transparency in Illustrator files and text
    • Working with effects
  6. Printing and Exporting
    • Preflighting and packaging files
    • Creating an Adobe PDF proof
    • Previewing separations and transparency effects
    • Changing the Screen Mode
    • Examining printer settings
    • Using the ink manager
  7. Creating PDF Files with Form Fields
    • Adding Form fields: text, radio buttons, combo box
    • Exporting an interactive Adobe PDF file

About Your Instructors

Kal Hadi is a Certified Adobe Instructor with CompTIA CTT+ credentials. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of computer graphics, imaging and electronic publishing. He was recognized by Adobe as one of the top five trainers worldwide in 2009. He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology Electronic Publishing graduate program. He is also the author of many books and papers in the fields of graphics and web publishing.

Sean Casella

Luisa Winter

Luisa Winters is a Certified Instructor for Adobe and Apple (ACI and ACT).

She teaches for private clients, consults for organizations, and works at several different training centers all over the United States and abroad. Luisa is one of the few Adobe Premiere Pro Master instructors. A well-known artist, Luisa often speaks at different conferences on topics ranging from video editing to compositing and web.

An accomplished violinist, Luisa was, at the age of 13, a full-time member of the National Symphony Orchestra in the Dominican Republic. While attending the legendary Peabody Conservatory (in Baltimore, MD), Luisa learned from master musicians: Henryk Szeryng, Berl Senofski, Aarond Rosand, Charles Libove, and Leon Fleisher, among others.

Expressing her art in digital form, Luisa became an editor and motion graphics artist in 1985, and has been performing both arts full-time since that point in time.

Throughout her career, Luisa has won several awards, including:

  • Telly Awards
  • Videographer Awards
  • Aegis Awards
  • WEVA Hall of Fame
  • Baltimore Videographers Association Excellence Award

Christine Marsh

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Kevin did a great job! Thank you.
Heidi Kallfelz