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Get certified as an Online Training Professional from ICCOTP

Online training can be great training—it all starts with you! 


As professional online trainers, we at the International Council for Certified Online Training Professionals (ICCOTP) see this kind of statement in post-class evaluations more than any other. It’s possibly the highest compliment an online trainer can get from a student!

Why become a Certified Online Training Professional (COTP)? Let’s face it, if somebody tells you to attend a webinar your first reaction isn’t likely to be positive. In fact, your yawn reflex might kick in. And why not? Most webinars are boring affairs that will put you to sleep within minutes of logging in. Unfortunately, live online classes tend to be no better than webinars: there’s lots of facilitator talking and little to no learner engagement or interaction.

Adam Jameson

Why are webinars or classes so boring? Why do they fail? In truth, it’s rarely the course subject that’s the problem… it’s the person leading the class that’s to blame. Our mission is to help you become a more effective online trainer. You’ll learn how to effectively set up, manage, and facilitate live online classes. And before you know it, you’ll be getting the “wow” comments we hear all of the time.

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From the Articulate Storyline, A Quick Start Mini Course: "Kal, did an excellent job to teach each section and he give me time to practice and easily follow his instructions. I would take another course and hope it is Kal leading it. He is detailed, great pace to follow each demo!!!"
Antonietta Pasquini