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Excel Data Management Training

Excel Data Management Training

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Excel Data Management Training

Many people use Excel as a database management program. In this class, we will look at the tools and shortcuts available to help you effectively manage your data in Excel-including navigation shortcuts, naming ranges, flash fill, tables, filters & advanced filters, sorting, subtotal reports, freeze panes, grouping, data form, and data validation.

Who Should Attend?

This class is for introductory to intermediate users of Excel who want to know more about working with databases in Excel. Students should be comfortable in the Excel environment and know how to perform basic Excel tasks such as editing data, opening and saving files, and inserting columns and rows.

Topics covered include, but not limited to:

  • Navigation shortcuts and naming ranges

One of the best tools in your arsenal for working with large amounts of data can be shortcuts for moving within and selecting large amounts of data. Learn some keyboard shortcuts to navigate with ease, as well as how to name ranges as a quick way to select a large table. Freezing panes to easily view your data will also be covered.

  • Data Entry Shortcuts

Use Flash Fill to have Excel recognize patterns to quickly enter data and also how to find and use the data form to view one record at a time.

  • Sorting/Filtering/Subtotals

Being able to pull data out of your lists that meets certain criteria is a key component of working with data. Learn some tricks for sorting, filtering, and also employ the very powerful subtotal feature that quickly subtotals items in your list.

  • Data validation

Keeping your data clean and organized is essential to get the information you want from your lists. Data validation allows you to set criteria on your lists when entering data to be sure the data meets your specifications. You will also learn how to create drop-down boxes and how to check for data errors.

About Your Instructor

Rosemary McCracken is a computer trainer with over 25 years of experience in the classroom. She teaches all levels of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio and Outlook. In addition to Microsoft products, she also teaches G Suite, QuickBooks, InDesign, HTML/CSS and WordPress. Rosemary has a B.S. from James Madison University. She is Microsoft Office Expert Certified and is also a Certified Online Training Professional.

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[From one-on-one mentoring] Lori is a fantastic mentor and I continually lean on her expertise as I grow in developing my first eLearning.
Robin Killeen-Heavey