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Need to create an eLearning script and/or storyboard for your project but writing just isn’t your thing? IconLogic LogoNeed someone to design a spectacular Captivate or PowerPoint template? Need some custom graphics? Need someone to review or edit your technical documents? What about an audit of your eLearning content to ensure that it is effective and meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices? We can help!

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[From Adobe Captivate Beginner training held July, 2019] LOVED THIS!!!!! I will be saving countless hours to improve workflows and am 100% more confident as a result of this training. Kevin was a superb instructor and really made us work to fully understand and practice every aspect of the material. The included reference materials and exercises will be a gold mine of references. It would have taken forever to learn this on my own. Many, many thanks!!!
Michael Coe