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Why Choose IconLogic?

IconLogic offers "skills and drills" classes and workbooks that motivate and engage. Our instructors and authors are experts in their respective fields and are often dual-certified as Certified Technical Trainers (CTT+) and Certified Online Training Professionals (COTPs). We distill and render technical content in logical and easily-digestible chunks.

Training? Documentation support? Creative services? Whatever your training needs, our arsenal of documentation and training programs engage learners with content that is immediately relevant to their role, function and output. Performance-based methods such as field exercises, procedures and drills help learners gain confidence. The result – people are more quickly able to transfer skills and knowledge on their return to the front line.

IconLogic: Logical.

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"Kevin did a great job keeping all students engaged. There was NO opportunity to be a passive student in this class, which was unusual for a virtual class! I also appreciated the attention he gave to each and every student in the very first minutes of the class to ensure the computer and audio was working properly for everyone. I will definitely be taking another one of his classes."
Josie Cooley