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Our Philosophy

Skills and Drills Tactics

Tactics that focus on motivation, engagement, relevance and usability are standard operating procedures for all IconLogic software training projects. Working with subject matter experts, we distill and render technical content in logical and easily digestible units. Whether you need classroom or online training, we link concept and application to the real world, with a user-centered perspective.

Training for the Front Line

Electronic training? Application support? Creative services? Business process documentation? Whatever your training needs, our arsenal of documentation and training programs engage learners with content that is immediately relevant to their role, function and output. Performance-based methods such as field exercises, procedures and drills help learners gain confidence. The result – people are more quickly able to transfer skills and knowledge on their return to the front line.

IconLogic’s skills and drills tactics enable organizations, departments and teams to meet objectives and succeed.

IconLogic: Logical.

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Excellent class [PowerPoint for eLearning 101: You’re Doing it Wrong]. Format was wonderful for the tools being introduced/used. Major kudos for the instructor [AJ Walther].
Wendy Ames