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  • Adobe Dreamweaver Beginner Training

    Adobe Dreamweaver Beginner Training

    In this 2-day training class, students receive a comprehensive introduction to using Dreamweaver. Students will learn the main features of Dreamweaver that allow them to create, maintain, and manage Web sites.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced Training

    Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced Training

    This 2-day training class teaches the web designer how to control the appearance of their web design by separating the visual presentation from the content. This class covers advanced design topics including CSS3, responsive design and more.
  • Dreamweaver Consulting or Mentoring

    Dreamweaver Consulting or Mentoring

    Need help working with Dreamweaver ? Our seasoned Dreamweaver instructors have you covered with one-on-one hourly consulting or mentoring services.

This was unlike any other course I have ever taken online. It was so interactive I felt like we were in an actual classroom! The program is exciting and the instructor made it come to life for us - can't wait to use it!
Gene Marie Shematek (Adobe Captivate Beginner Training)