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Please click the classes below for offerings in our Philadelphia area facility.
  • Adobe Captivate Beginner Training - Classroom Facility

    Adobe Captivate Beginner Training - Classroom Facility

    This beginner Adobe Captivate training class will quickly have you creating eLearning and mLearning lessons that include software simulations, demonstrations and soft-skills (compliance training). You will learn how to make your lessons engaging and interactive by creating quizzes, adding text captions, animations, videos, rollovers, clickable areas (buttons and click boxes), typing areas, voiceover audio and sound effects. And you will learn how to publish your lessons for the widest possible audience including how to output both Flash (SWF) and HTML5 (so that your lessons will play on such mobile devices as the Apple iPad).

  • Adobe Captivate Advanced Training - Classroom Facility

    Adobe Captivate Advanced Training - Classroom Facility

    In this advanced Adobe Captivate training course you will learn to be more efficient as you produce ever-more interactive and technically-sound eLearning. You will learn to create master slides, custom themes, custom object styles, project templates, and to save hours of work by pre-editing text captions. Additionally we’ll cover quizzes, branching scenarios, advanced actions, and uploading content to a Learning Management System.

From the 3-hour mini-class "Adobe Captivate: Building the Perfect Project Template" Kevin's great sense of humor makes the class really enjoyable, while you're learning. I also like the hands-on aspect of it. Great class!
Jane Jeffries