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Choose to attend one of our live, online writing or editing courses from the schedule of public online classes detailed below. For your more specialized training requirements, contact us to discuss private, customized writing and editing classes delivered live online or onsite at your facilities.

Call us at 888.812.4827 or email us to discuss your customized writing and editing course needs.

  • Essentials of eLearning Development

    Essentials of eLearning Development

    ELearning development is now an essential training skill. Many training departments are using more eLearning, either as a supplement to, or as a replacement for, classroom training. In some departments, eLearning is rapidly replacing live training as the preferred training delivery method. That means that you, as a training professional, need to be able to develop effective eLearning on everything from software processes to Human Resources on-boarding, to compliance training, and everything in between.

    This two-day, fully interactive, live online course will give you a proven system for developing eLearning projects, from the discovery and planning stage through implementation and uploading to your LMS. Whether you are developing software video demonstrations, software simulation training, conceptual content delivery, soft skills training on human interactions such as sales, or informal micro-learning, this course will help you master the various steps in the development process.

  • Storyboarding/Scripting for eLearning

    Storyboarding/Scripting for eLearning

    eLearning has come a long way from the days when anyone with a YouTube account could just hit “record” and start talking and clicking through a software demonstration. Today we may be creating anything from those same point-and-click demos (now called “microlearning”), to interactive software simulations, to soft skills training with gamification, to scenario-based training with embedded video of real actors (if Andy from accounting counts as an actor), to videos with animated characters, to a talking-heads style SME interview. Heck, most of us even still have some PowerPoint bullet decks in our queue for upgrading to eLearning.

  • Creating Accessible PDFs With Acrobat Pro

    Creating Accessible PDFs With Acrobat Pro

    Making sure your materials will meet the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act begins with authoring and designing them for accessibility in your authoring software (see Creating Accessible Documents with Microsoft Word).  However, a PDF may need additional revisions, settings, and testing, and that is the main focus of this mini course.

  • Proofreading Essentials for the  Non-Proofreader

    Proofreading Essentials for the Non-Proofreader

    This full-day class includes a quick review of some of the most common grammatical errors.
  • eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts for Demos and Simulations

    eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts for Demos and Simulations

    Writing step-by-step instructions is not simple. The more words you write, the muddier the instructions become. In this mini course you will learn how to cut out the wordiness, break down the parts of an instruction, and create minimalist, clear instructions.

  • eLearning: Writing eLearning Voiceover Scripts

    eLearning: Writing eLearning Voiceover Scripts

    You can write step-by-step instructions like a pro, but now you have been asked to create voiceover narratives for eLearning scripts. Suddenly you must break out of the concise and factual focus of instructional writing and create text that engages and motivates the learner.

These Captivate 3 hour sessions all have extremely useful content.
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