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  • Lectora: Quick Start

    Lectora: Quick Start

    Where do I start?  What is this new software?  This introduction will answer those questions and many more. In 3-hours you can create an eLearning course from start to finish.  You will get the basics of Lectora; creating a new lesson, the wizards that help you get started, the file structure and how to add a quiz.

  • Lectora: Actions and Interaction

    Lectora: Actions and Interaction

    In Lectora you can create simple Actions to navigate to the next page or play a video.  But what if you want to do something special?  In this course you will learn how to understand actions and how to use them effectively. Want to branch to a different page based on how a student answers a question? We will show you conditional actions and how to control the learner’s activity.   Maybe you want to launch a document or go to a website. You will get real-world examples on how to create these and many more.

  • Lectora: Tests and Quizzes

    Lectora: Tests and Quizzes

    While quizzes are often seen as just another mandatory component to your eLearning lesson, you can use quizzes for reinforcement and interactivity that will help your learner retain your eLearning content.

  • Lectora: Surveys and Forms

    Lectora: Surveys and Forms

    Surveys are often confused with quizzes...and Lectora is very adept at creating forms. 

    Attend this class and learn how to create both forms and surveys in record time!

  • Lectora: Advanced Actions and Interaction

    Lectora: Advanced Actions and Interaction

    If you have any experience with Lectora at all, you have likely figured out how to add simple actions to your project using the wizards that come with Lectora. But what if you think outside the box and want to create an action that the wizard simply cannot comprehend? 

Iconlogic mini-courses pay for themselves in the first ten minutes. They are engaging, informative and fun. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Rosemary Hausler