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  • Essentials of eLearning Development

    Essentials of eLearning Development

    ELearning development is now an essential training skill. Many training departments are using more eLearning, either as a supplement to, or as a replacement for, classroom training. In some departments, eLearning is rapidly replacing live training as the preferred training delivery method. That means that you, as a training professional, need to be able to develop effective eLearning on everything from software processes to Human Resources on-boarding, to compliance training, and everything in between.

    This two-day, fully interactive, live online course will give you a proven system for developing eLearning projects, from the discovery and planning stage through implementation and uploading to your LMS. Whether you are developing software video demonstrations, software simulation training, conceptual content delivery, soft skills training on human interactions such as sales, or informal micro-learning, this course will help you master the various steps in the development process.

  • Creating eLearning Videos with GoAnimate

    Creating eLearning Videos with GoAnimate

    While creating videos with GoAnimate is fairly simple, making a good video requires a fair amount of forethought. Learn how to plan the action, key pointers about writing an audio script, and create a video from the ground up. You’ll create backgrounds, characters, and animations in GoAnimate that will bring your story to life.

[Adobe Captivate: Building the Perfect Project Template] Excellent timing and consideration of the amount of content to teach in 3 hours.
Micki McCann